Case Study

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

User satisfaction
Two-month adoption rate
Tickets required for a new starter

A case for change

Incorrect ticket assignment. High temporary-staff turnover. Overlooked governance processes. New Starter equipment delayed. Unsatisfactory user experience.

The Service Integration and Management (SIAM) tower at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) was responsible for core IT processes and the Service Desk. With the incumbent supplier’s long-term contract due to expire, frustration with the existing service, and disillusionment within the Agency about opportunities to improve it, DVSA chose to bring the service in-house to increase control and transparency, and to better serve IT’s clients.

Based on Private- and Public-sector references, the Agency chose ServiceNow as its new platform. And, backed by further recommendations and an exceptional customer-satisfaction rating, the Agency selected FlyForm as its implementation partner.

A challenging environment

No process owner. Active incumbent contract. Changing scope. Conflicting interests. A hard deadline.

Replacing an existing platform is never easy. Doing so whilst retaining the incumbent’s other services is doubly difficult.

The Agency didn’t have an internal process owner. The incumbent supplier hadn’t been formally exited therefore couldn’t provide technical resources for the project. Other suppliers whose services interacted with SIAM were nervous about the futures of their contracts. And the project scope was in constant flux.

Working closely with DVSA, FlyForm needed to navigate all these issues while delivering a working solution before the incumbent contract expired.

DVSA provided an excellent strategic remit on the future of its IT landscape. This allowed FlyForm to redesign relevant processes on the Agency’s behalf, using our extensive Service Management and ITIL skills to build on ServiceNow’s best practices. We examined the incumbent platform’s behaviour to understand what it was doing, without breaching contractual terms. Together, we mediated conversations, keeping the focus on goals and best practices, whilst ramping up resources to cope with additional demand.

Scoring a perfect 10 out of 10

Transparency, visibility, control, usability, and process efficiencies. Delivered to a 5-month deadline.

FlyForm’s Agile implementation of DVSA’s ServiceNow platform includes the following modules:

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change and Release Management
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • Request Management
  • Service Catalog
  • Reporting
  • Service Level Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • 3 integrations to suppliers (1 REST, 1 SOAP, 1 email)

The new ServiceNow platform went live within the deadline.
The results are in:

User experience improvements

  • End-user satisfaction rating increased from 4.3 to 7.5 (post go-live), out of 10
  • Single sign-on with Active Directory integration
  • 24/7/365 portal access, with 25% of tickets raised directly
  • A clear catalogue of 81 items for end-users to select from
  • Real-time report dashboards easily accessible to stakeholders

Process optimisations

  • All New Starter requests generated from a single catalogue item
  • Emailed requests and incident updates integrated into respective tickets
  • Powerful CMDB transform maps automatically cleanse and consolidate data
  • Request catalogue items automatically assigned to the right people
  • Automated service-type approvals
  • Full control over and transparency of ITSM data, including other suppliers’

Off the back of this success, DVSA has initiated investment into further ServiceNow products, with FlyForm as the sole delivery partner. The Agency is looking to capitalise on the initial implementation, extending functionality to further improve the user experience.

“We look forward to working with FlyForm to continue our ServiceNow development. We will take full advantage of the Service Portal (i.e. self-service, mobile app, instant chat) to provide our end users with the experience they expect and deserve, supporting the agency’s transformation journey.”
Nia Hatchett, Head of User Services, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency