How we recruit

Hiring Sheona

Recruitment is a fundamental process for all organisations experiencing growth. For us, we see it as an opportunity to break drawn-out 'recruitment norms' and get to the heart of the conversation.

Interviews are commonly associated with bringing a level of pressure upon candidates. We recognise that candidates who feel nervous during their interviews won’t be able to fully be themselves and truly showcase all their values. Vice versa, as a company, we won’t be able to gauge if the candidate is the correct cultural fit.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to us that we create a comfortable interview environment where we can get to know candidates – not only as a worker but as a person who might be our future teammate. After all, our culture is the driving force of our success. By allowing our interviews to illuminate our candidates’ personalities and values, we are able to truly recruit based around our organisational ethos.

A shining example of how our relaxed and transparent approach worked is through the hiring of our Senior PA, Sheona Walker. Before we hired Sheona our organisation needed a well-organised individual that could inject even more efficiency into the day-to-day lives of our Co-founders, Phil Davies and Arron Davies.

Fast forward to Sheona’s interview with us. The mixture of her bubbly personality and work ethics resulted in an enthralling conversation between herself and our CEO, Phil Davies. Moreover, Sheona’s down to earth personality and sense of humour truly resonated with us which led to her receiving a job offer on the spot!

Watch the video, as Sheona Walker (Senior PA) details her experience with our recruitment process.

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