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ServiceNow for the Public Sector: A GDS Masterclass

It can be frustrating when public sector services fail to live up to the slick, omnichannel experiences offered by the private sector.

Demands from citizens, moral responsibilities and legal obligations can overwhelm organisations when it comes to putting together efficient and accessible services.

Fortunately, ServiceNow's GDS Toolkit is here to help you modernise your public sector services while meeting GDS accessibility standards.

In this webinar, two of our experts share their knowledge and insight on the GDS Toolkit – and why Its implementation is essential to help public sector organisations digitally transform.

Watch on-demand now and discover:

  • The key transformation challenges we see in our public sector clients
  • The role of the GDS Toolkit in your strategic digital transformation
  • How to quickly create GDS-aligned digital services built on ServiceNow
  • The considerations you need to make to ensure your services are a success