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ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)


Create value you can measure with SPM

Having a strategy is one thing, ensuring it survives implementation is another. Too often, good initiatives fail to deliver because organisations lack the visibility and data to make informed decisions – wasting time, resources and precious competitive advantage.

Enter ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management. With its advanced tools and real-time insights, SPM empowers you to make good decisions, use resources wisely and measure the impact and return on investment.

Whether you’re handling IT projects, business plans or new ideas, SPM helps you prioritise, track progress and adjust your focus as needed. It’s time to embrace smarter portfolio management and achieve your business goals with confidence.

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Boost your business efficiency with SPM

Seamlessly manage your projects in a single place

Effortlessly manage your projects from inception to completion on a single, integrated platform. Eliminate the complexity of using multiple tools for resource and financial planning – ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and transparency throughout.

Easily align your projects and organisational goals

Achieve a clear, consistent vision for your projects, aligning them with your business strategy at every step. Take advantage of predictive analytics and scenario planning to accelerate strategic decision-making.

Control spending with real-time financial tracking

Maintain firm control over budgets with sophisticated, real-time tracking tools. SPM's comprehensive financial features enable consistent monitoring and adjustment, ensuring no expense is overlooked.

Tired of duplicated effort and inconsistent outcomes?

It’s all too common for organisations to struggle to align projects with their strategic goals – often resulting in wasted resources and missed opportunities.

Without a unified platform, managing multiple projects becomes chaotic and inefficient. Outdated systems make it hard to track progress and manage risks and resources, leading to delays, cost overruns, overworked teams and underutilised assets.

Sound familiar? Not to worry, ServiceNow SPM offers a better way.

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Take control – and deliver the outcomes that matter

Take back control of your projects with SPM. Achieve your strategic vision from a single platform to:

Bring systems together for a unified strategy: Organisations often struggle with separate systems and tools, leading to a messy strategic approach. SPM offers a single platform that connects everything – making it easier to see across departments and align everyone with your company's goals.

Quickly adapt to market changes: Everyone strives for agility but few achieve it. SPM empowers you to make quick adjustments and replan efficiently, so you can respond to new challenges and opportunities at speed to maintain your competitive advantage.

Make the best use of resources: SPM makes priorities clear, ensuring that resources and investments go to the most important projects. With comprehensive, real-time insights and intuitive dashboards, you can easily monitor performance, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to keep projects on track.

Manage risks and project execution: Identifying and handling risks is essential for project success. SPM provides insights into possible risks and staffing needs, ensuring well-planned projects are executed efficiently – allowing you to head off risks before they can have an impact.


Why work with FlyForm?

At FlyForm, we’re highly experienced in implementing ServiceNow SPM, with a track record that includes businesses and organisations of all sizes.

We don’t just turn up and plug in a product; we make sure that it’s implemented to suit the specific needs of your organisation by taking the time to get to know you and your business.

As part of our SPM services, you can expect us to:

Commit to quality

It’s a point of personal pride to exceed our clients’ expectations. Fuelled by our founding principles of quality, integrity, results and culture, you can rest assured you’re getting our best service – and we’ve got the CSAT scores to prove it.

Take a partnership approach

We strive to see the world through your eyes and comprehend your challenges beyond the technical issues. We want to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships – to be part of your team and your go-to ServiceNow partner.

Look beyond the technology

SPM is a powerful solution, but it needs skilled hands to make the most of it. We’ll help you align your implementation with your strategic objectives – and help you ensure successful adoption by your people.

Unlock the full value of ServiceNow

We’ve completed over 500 ServiceNow implementations, for clients of all sizes and sectors.

We’ve got the expertise to deliver the utmost value from your ServiceNow investment – unifying your digital platforms to drive out every last efficiency and elevate the online experience for your customers and employees alike.

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ServiceNow SPM FAQs

ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) is a set of applications that helps you align your IT strategy with your business objectives. It provides a unified platform for managing IT services, projects, finances and resources.

Key products included with SPM include:

- Idea Management: crowd-source and democratise the idea-gathering process from across the business and let employees know when their suggestions are acted on.

- Demand Management: make sure that demands are properly costed, sized, planned and positioned in the pipeline so that they contribute to the strategic objectives to which they align.

- Project Management: plan and execute projects through multiple phases, report status, and understand cross-project dependencies.

- Resource Management: allocate staff to the projects their skillsets suit best, report on capacity and availability forecasting, and calculate labour opex automatically.

- Time Card Management: allow your staff to record where they are truly working with ease, and automatically update the spending actuals on the tasks they are working on.

- Portfolio and Programme Management: aggregate data from projects across the business to ensure programmes don’t go over budget and deliver on strategic objectives at the highest level.

What our clients say...

FlyForm know ServiceNow inside out and it really showed. We were very impressed with the amount of knowledge and how the team was able to convert our requirements and give us different options.

Anila Mistry
Technical Project Manager, RNIB

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