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ServiceNow IT Service Management


The ultimate ITSM set up

Transform your IT services and ecosystem through a single cloud-based system of engagement. FlyForm can help you optimise your ServiceNow IT Service Management to automate processes and consolidate fragmented tools and legacy systems. We can help you scale to wherever your business needs take you.

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What you get with ServiceNow ITSM:

A unified service platform

Built on a common data store, ITSM’s Incident, Problem, and Change modules work together to empower proactive IT management and troubleshooting – significantly reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Powerful productivity tools

Free up employees and agents to focus on delivering results by using the AI-powered Virtual Agent to resolve common issues. Leverage the Agent Workspace to see full context and act on smart recommendations.

Intelligent insights

A full suite of analytics and reporting capabilities built into the Now Platform gives you real-time oversight of IT resources and service offerings. Make decisions to improve service delivery that will maximise value for your organisation.

We'll work with you to:

Streamline processes

Say goodbye to fragmented and unstructured processes. Harness the power of ITIL best practices to consolidate tools into a responsive, integrated service platform.

Create service resilience

Seamlessly service common requests by providing IT support through always-on automation with AI-powered virtual agents that understand simple, human language.

Put business first

Align ITSM to your business needs and goals. Leverage data-driven insights to make strategic transformation decisions, delivering better service with fewer first-line resources.

eBook: Transform the citizen experience with ITSM and ITOM

Download our ITSM & ITOM eBook if you want:

  • The visibility and context to proactively identify issues
  • A 30%+ improvement in productivity and resolution time
  • To enable better collaboration and enhanced services for citizens
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Watch the video below to discover key considerations for implementing ITSM

Why choose FlyForm?

ServiceNow – it’s what we do. We’re an Elite ServiceNow Partner, but we’re your partner, too.

That means we take the time to truly understand your unique needs, and craft a solution tailored to your organisation.

As part of any ITSM project, you can expect us to:

Commit to quality

It’s a point of personal pride to exceed our clients’ expectations. Fuelled by our founding principles of quality, integrity, results, and culture – you can rest assured you’re getting our best service, and we’ve got the CSAT scores to prove it.

Take a partnership-driven approach

With us, it’s not ‘one-and-done’. We’re in it for the journey, supporting you at every step to understand your needs and ensure every action moves you closer to your goals.

Look beyond the technology

ServiceNow ITSM is a powerful solution, but it needs skilled hands to make the most of it. We’ll help you align your ITSM implementation with your business objectives – and give you the policies and processes to ensure successful adoption and integration with your people.

Unlock the full value of ServiceNow

We’ve completed over 900 ServiceNow implementations, for clients of all sizes and sectors. We’ve got the expertise to implement, configure, and innovate on your ServiceNow investment to give you the ultimate ServiceNow experience.



ServiceNow’s IT service management (ITSM) product covers the processes and technology used to provide and support IT services.

It’s a cloud-based productivity and service management solution designed to eliminate silos and consolidate your on-premises and cloud IT tools into a single platform. It gives you an accurate, near-real-time view of integrated data and analytics to help you resolve incidents quickly and operate efficiently.