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The Ultimate ITAM Experience

Transform the management of your IT environment’s assets. FlyForm will help you optimise your ServiceNow IT Asset Management software to control IT costs whilst reducing IT risk. We can help you rein in overheads and focus on the resources that deliver the greatest value.

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FlyForm will work with you to:

Manage IT in one place

Discover and manage every aspect of your IT landscape – environments, hardware and software – through a single, intuitive interface.

Reduce IT waste

Manage virtual and digital assets in real time against operational needs and users, scaling expenditure to match real demand.

Minimise costs, maximise profitability

Know what you've got where and ensure it's delivering value. Cut out excess licensing and devices to keep your spending under control and increase the return on your investment.

Limit risk

Easily distribute and manage company devices and apps. Know where those devices are, who's using them, and prevent the rise of 'Shadow IT' in your organisation to stay secure.

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What you get with ServiceNow ITAM

A smart single source of record

Built on ServiceNow’s configuration management database – Service Graph – ITAM uses logical automation to give you a clear view of which assets are being used, by whom, and for which projects, thereby informing accurate assessments of project costs and identifying underused assets.

IT asset management best practices

ServiceNow’s holistic view of assets, operations, and IT services – and the intricacies of their interdependencies – enables you to apply the same managerial standards to IT asset management as any other business operation, optimising processes and reducing waste.

Reduced risk from your technology

ServiceNow's IT asset management tools help you connect people and information with process workflows to quickly identify and mitigate technology risks such as shadow IT, vulnerabilities, licence compliance, tech debt or lost assets.


An IT Asset Manager is responsible for managing an organisation's IT assets, which include hardware, software and other technology-related resources.

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