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Meet our all star team

Our Leadership Team

The FlyForm leadership team members bring a wealth of experience and complementary skills. Most of all, they bring a passion and commitment to FlyForm's values and growth.

Headshot of Phil Davies

Phil Davies

Co-Founder and CEO
Phil Davies spent more than a decade working in various service, technical, and managerial roles within IT, with hands-on experience as both a customer and service provider, before founding FlyForm. His vision of serving customer needs rather than the service-provision industry still drives FlyForm’s strategy and culture.

Experienced personal and professional adversities – of not fitting in, of a different way of thinking – underlie Phil’s passions to solve socio-humanitarian challenges; he has chosen to harness the power of technology in this pursuit. He appreciates each individual’s need for space to be their authentic self; and that people have the greatest capacity for growth and achievement when their mental-health needs are met. This attention to others extends beyond FlyForm: Phil is actively involved in charitable community efforts supporting youth programmes and regularly speaking about mental health, entrepreneurship and addiction recovery.

This focus on a culture of wellbeing earned Phil the distinction of being the Great British Entrepreneur Awards’ Disruptor of the Year in 2020.
Headshot of Arron Davies

Arron Davies

Co-Founder and Director of Client Success
Arron Davies has spent his 15+ years in the IT industry managing large, complex projects and the operational teams that deliver them successfully. As well as co-founder, Arron serves as Director of Client Success. His focus is on service excellence; to this end, he concentrates on establishing open and trusting communications with clients and team members to understand their needs and desires, thereby ensuring that everyone is working towards common goals, sharing in the victories.

He believes that an environment built on such openness fosters the best results for everyone, and that ensuring it in the workplace makes FlyForm the success it is, for clients and staff alike.
Beyond work, Arron is a family man who embraces both excitement and calm: he’s a big fan of Liverpool FC and regularly practices meditation and breathwork.
Headshot of Leah Smith

Leah Smith

Chief of Staff
Leah has been in the ServiceNow ecosystem since 2014. She has sat in a variety of roles, ranging from Sales to Delivery. Her passion for projects was discovered at an early age and honed when working as a ServiceNow Engagement Manager for large and complex projects.

Seeking a bigger challenge, Leah created a business case for a role in the company. Her honest assessment of FlyForm and the passion she used to deliver it meant the business case was a success. Leah moved into the role as Phil’s Chief of Staff and the pair have been collaborating with intent and raising the bar ever since.

Leah has always wanted to make an impact to her wider community. Focussing on internal projects, department communications and relationships, reviewing and improving processes to make FlyForm a better place to work. Leah’s balanced view has added a great dynamic to the SMT, with lots of creative thinking and new initiatives on the horizon.

In her down time, Leah is a fitness fanatic and spends most of her time hiking along the coastline and sea swimming in Cornwall.
Headshot of Alasdair Hibberd

Alasdair Hibberd

Finance Director
Alasdair has over 15 years’ experience working in finance functions across several industries.

His time spent in previous roles as a Financial Controller, Commercial Manager and Business Partner has enabled him to deliver strong financial control and meaningful commercial decision support.

Clearly defined financial processes, data integrity and an inquisitive nature are the bedrock of Alasdair’s approach.

In his spare time, Alasdair likes to be active and enjoys his local restaurant scene.
Headshot of Stephe Kruger

Stephe Kruger

Interim Head of Client Services
Stephe has over 30 years' experience with software delivery - both within Enterprise and the Channel.

Starting life as a Technical Consultant and then as an Architect, he created a firm base for understanding the specific requirements needed to build and maintain highly performing Professional Services, Managed Services and Support Teams, coupled with a deep passion for ensuring that customer experience is paramount.

Stephe would describe himself as a data-driven, people-first leader who derives enormous personal satisfaction by seeing both Delivery Teams and Customers develop and progress within a consultative partnership.

When not working, Stephe loves spending time with his wife, 2 dogs and 5 grown kids, who graciously allow him the immense freedom to spend an inordinate amount of downtime on a rugby pitch with a whistle in hand - either coaching or refereeing both kids and adults at Club, Academy and County level.

What FlyFormers Say

The FlyFam is one big family where everyone supports everyone, whether that is personal or work orientated. Being selected to work for FlyForm has been the highlight of my working career.

Picture of Linda Plant
Linda Plant
Engagement Team Lead