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Everything You Need to Know About ServiceNow ITOM

Discover the benefits of ServiceNow IT Operations Management

With ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM), you can deliver high-performing business services with complete visibility across your organisation.

Watch the video above as Phil Davies (FlyForm CEO) and Mark Revill (Senior Advisory Solutions Consultant at ServiceNow) discuss how your organisation can get the most out of ServiceNow's ITOM suite capabilities.

Exploring the key areas of ITOM, Phil and Mark cover:

  • Discovery – Identify your entire IT infrastructure, creating an accurate and up-to-date record in your CMDB. It covers both physical and logical components, including virtual machines, servers, storage, databases, applications, and more.
  • Service Mapping – Find all application services in your organisation and builds a comprehensive map of all devices, applications, and configuration profiles used.
  • Event Management – Consolidate your events into one place and use the data to produce actionable alerts and incidents.
  • Operational Intelligence – Analyse IT infrastructure and application performance issues. Collect raw data from monitoring sources and use machine learning to identify performance issues.
  • Orchestration and integration – Automate IT and business processes for operations management. Reduce tasks, improve productivity, and automate and accelerate processes.
  • Cloud Management – Easily govern your cloud-infrastructure resources and services, whether public, private, or hybrid.

Phil and Mark discuss how to gain a single view of alerts mapped to your infrastructure by combining Discovery, Service Mapping, and Event Management. They also explore new opportunities for proactive alert resolution driven by advancements in machine learning – helping you spot potential issues before they occur.

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By FlyForm
8th Jan 2020