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FlyForm’s Origins

From a dream of delivering the ultimate partner experience to a passion for giving people a great place to work…

It started as such tales usually do: one person turning to another and saying, “We can do much better than that.”

It was 2015. Phil Davies and Arron Davies (not related) were both working within the same government agency where ServiceNow was being implemented. Both were excited by the new platform: its power and flexibility, especially in comparison to the limitations of the prior tooling.

With that comment, an undertaking began. The dream of a business that would deliver service the way Phil and Arron wished they had been treated as clients. Before their working days began, and after they were over, they were laying the groundwork for a new venture.

Top of their list was a client base they saw as underserved within the ServiceNow world: the public sector. Their prior experience within the public sector gave Phil and Arron the knowhow to get on all the right government supplier frameworks, to enable them to offer the ultimate partner experience where they knew it could make a difference.

And they chose a name – GovNow – that reflected their focus on ServiceNow as a platform, and the public sector as a target market.

Fast forward to the middle of 2018 and the organisation had taken off, growing rapidly within the public sectors. The founders then set their sights on expanding into more industries, and they needed a new name, and a new brand, to match this new goal.

FlyForm was born – a brand that evoked the vibrancy and purpose that the co-founders still held as their unique proposition and a fun butterfly-inspired logo that signifies transformation.

Another year on, another year of growth and FlyForm still holds to the founding principles: to deliver a quality service that clients appreciate. They do this not by prescribing ways of working, but by focusing on the wellbeing of staff, enabling them to do the jobs they want to do. And this, in turn, allows staff to deliver a service that truly makes a difference to clients.

“What keeps us going today is giving people a great place to work”

Phil Davies, CEO

Watch the video as Phil and Arron reminisce about the passion that drove them to get started, and that is still at the heart of the service they provide.

By FlyForm
4th Jul 2019