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Growth Mindset

What is the growth mindset?

Thought leaders recognise the difference between a fixed (ability is set in stone) and growth mindset (ability is malleable). But how can individuals develop a growth mindset? And what are the habits and behaviours required?

Whilst no single theory can encapsulate the nuances of our cognitive functions and behaviours- the principles of the growth mindset present the keys to unlocking a better version of ourselves.

How to develop the growth mindset

  • Effort - Focusing on the processes and work ethics of successful people will provide you with a template to replicate for yourself. However, it's important to note that you should use their success as a guide only and create a unique process that fits your unique personality.
  • Approach challenges differently - Approach challenges or issue with the mindset of “what could I have done differently" (growth mindset), as opposed to “I should have tried harder” (fixed mindset).
  • Choosing the path with most resistance - Individuals with a fixed mindset tend to equate making mistakes with low levels of ability. As a result, they'll end up playing it 'safe' because of the fear of looking bad. But learning is messy and never straight forward – mistakes teach us things we don’t know about our ability. It takes courage and curiosity to learn new things. But the results are worth it.
  • Asking and receiving feedback - People with the growth mindset seek out opportunities to receive valuable feedback. Objective opinions that challenge and allow us to refine our process and quality of work are the catalyst for creating a growth mindset
  • Persistence - The ability to consistently overcome setbacks is seen by many as an essential skill to being successful. Successful business figures have often equated their success to the willingness to learn from their setbacks and their sheer persistence to reaching their goals.

Why is the growth mindset important to us?

At FlyForm, our culture is infused with principles of the growth mindset. We operate on trust, employee autonomy and transparency: it’s the driving force of our success as an organisation. Our Co-founders Phil Davies and Arron Davies are heavily invested in encouraging the team to push themselves in their personal and professional lives.

Our Co-founders are living proof of how applying the principles of the growth mindset can propel the trajectory of someone's personal and professional life. As a result, they see it as their duty to encourage our team into a growth mindset because it'll filter to our team's passion for delivering successful projects.

"We're really trying to encourage people into a growth mindset. We really believe that people are capable of far more than they think and believe they are. Personally, I consider it our duty to unlock that within them."

Phil Davies, CEO and Co-founder of FlyForm

Watch the video as our Co-Founders, Phil Davies and Arron Davies discuss the crucial role the Growth Mindset has to FlyForm's success and our future aspirations.

By FlyForm
21st Aug 2019