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What is ServiceNow CSDM?

Discover how to future-proof your scalability with ServiceNow's Common Service Data Model (CSDM).

As you grow and adopt additional ServiceNow products to enhance your IT management, it's critical that it can all work together seamlessly. Enter the Common Service Data Model or CSDM.

With it, you'll unlock opportunities for greater efficiency, automation and return on investment.

In the video above, join FlyForm's CEO, Phil Davies, and technical experts Steve Williams and Ryan Duce as they dive into the purpose and benefits of CSDM.

You'll learn:

  • What CSDM is: Why it exists and the importance of establishing a single service data model so all your ServiceNow products work together seamlessly. Identify what data you hold, where it lives, and the relationships between your data and services.
  • The benefits of CSDM: How to get all your products to work from the same data and be compatible with any future product line to help you scale and grow at speed. Prioritise business-critical issues and improvements to increase efficiency and reduce the impact on services.
  • Key pain points: The challenges CSDM solves and how you can expand the ServiceNow platform confidently. Overcome having to recreate highly customised configurations and adopt new products without needing to tweak anything afterwards for faster adoption.
  • How to get started: Where to begin whether you're new to ServiceNow or have an existing investment. We'll help you understand the key considerations to make so you see the full benefit of adopting CSDM and make your data work harder for you.
  • The roadmap ahead: How CSDM will continue to develop and serve as a strong foundation for your future success.

Want to see CSDM in action?

As an Elite ServiceNow Partner, we're well-placed to help you get up and running with CSDM. Whether it's applying CSDM to an existing ServiceNow instance or helping you start from scratch – we've got your back.

Reach out today for a no-obligation demo and let's get your CSDM project moving.

By FlyForm
22nd Dec 2020