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Global System Integrator unlocks 24/7 service availability with ITSM

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A Great Defence

The premier technological solution provider looks for its own service solution.

Global System Integrator (GSI) supports some of society’s foremost frontline services - from defence, healthcare to mass transportation.

As GSI continued expanding its operations to a wider customer base, it quickly became apparent that the existing customer service model was no longer fit for growing. Due to the sensitive nature of the work they provide to clients, GSI was having to build brand new, separate instances on disparate platforms for every new client. This, in turns, created a siloed working method that – though effective – lacked efficiency.

An ambitious plan was put in motion to build a brand-new Service Management Centre (SMC) – a one-stop 24/7 control centre to monitor different customer accounts whilst calling upon the pooled knowledge and best standard practices across different business units.

Already using ServiceNow ITSM for their internal instances, the decision came easily to GSI to utilise ServiceNow for the SMC, thanks to the platform’s reliability and scalability. FlyForm was quickly chosen as the implementation partner thanks to our stellar reputation in handling complex ITSM implementations, as well as our solid history in working with public sector clients of highest security requirements.

Separated by Domains, United by Commitment

A domain-separated solution to meet varied customer needs.

Coming into this ambitious project, both FlyForm and GSI were on the same page when it came to maintaining the highest level of security and services. Our team of experts quickly got to work, starting with the complex domain separation work. We did a deep dive into the varied and complex requirements that each customer account and sector had, whilst envisioning a core operational model that could be repeated for future expansion.

By the time the domain hierarchy was finished and the work commenced on the build, our team had seamlessly integrated into the GSI team. Working alongside GSI’s own engineers, we came up with a new ITSM build that respected the work that went into the existing design, whilst introducing new enhancements to move the structure down the path of best practices. The best-practice approach not only allowed for simple scalability but also saved the GSI team and important stakeholders time that would have otherwise been spent on reviewing complicated, bespoke design decisions.

Once the instance went live – on schedule and on budget – FlyForm stayed alongside GSI as they onboarded the initial 15 existing clients to the SMC. We made ourselves available to answer any questions and ready to address any new layer of complications that came up during those critical first few months.

Overall, the project was a smashing success thanks to the exemplary team spirit that both FlyForm and GSI embraced wholeheartedly. Working together, our work perfectly complemented one another and we pushed this ambitious venture over the finish line through collaboration, transparency and respect for each other as professionals.

A Future-Proof Solution

The Service Management Centre rollout was a home run for GSI and FlyForm. By using ServiceNow ITSM, GSI is now able to replicate one sustainable and scalable model that they can adapt to all existing and future customers.

With the SMC, GSI is now enjoying the following:

  • A shared Service Management Centre that calls upon the pooled knowledge and best standard practice of 50+ accounts across different business sectors.
  • Standardised ITIL process, procedures and tooling, increasing efficiency amongst the team.
  • High availability multi-tenant ITSM to support customer interaction and segregation via multiple channels: Customer Portal, Chat, Virtual Agent , Email and Telephone.
  • Ability to accommodate different level of security on demand.
  • Technology and tooling that can integrate seamlessly with external customer systems while maintaining integrity.

"The work that FlyForm and our team achieved on the SMC was a game-changer for our UK and European operations. FlyForm came into project with high spirit of collaboration and helpfulness, and they never let up on that spirit throughout the entirety of the project. Thanks to our work together, our customer service is now set up for growth for years to come in the future"

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