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Jigsaw24 sees customer satisfaction soar to 90% with CSM

  • Customer Satisfaction
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  • Staff Supported
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  • End Customers Supported
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Solving a Puzzle

Established nearly 30 years ago at the dawn of the web revolution, Jigsaw24 has quickly grown to become one of the UK’s leading B2B Apple Service Provider. Today, the business works with some of the country’s biggest creative and corporate companies, as well as major education and public sector organisations.

As the company considerably expanded its professional services offerings, the legacy tool they were using had become further and further from out-of-the-box over the years, resulting in inefficient processes and an increasingly cumbersome user experience.

To match their ambitious vision for the future, Jigsaw24 decided to transition their team and clients to ServiceNow, based on the platform’s ability to be flexible and dynamic to customers’ ever-evolving needs. FlyForm was engaged as the implementation partner, thanks to our reputation as a key player in the MSP space.

User Experience Comes First

As an organisation, the foundation of Jigsaw24’s success had always been their laser focus on user experience. That focus became the driving force behind this transformation project.

Working closely together, Jigsaw24 and FlyForm pulled together our decades of experience in the MSP space to design the perfect 360 customer-service experience – backed by the power of ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management Professional and Field Service Management.

For the internal Jigsaw24 team, the complementary features of CSM Pro and FSM gave the service desk the consummate end-to-end case management experience under one user-friendly interface, whilst field engineers could now stay connected and update progress on work orders from the road, using mobile functionalities.

For the end customers, the first-rate service they were used to receiving would now be further enhanced with the introduction of a brand-new customer service portal, complemented by Virtual Agent and Live Chat – saving valuable time with self-service capabilities.

Staying Agile

Working with a tight timeline without causing disruption to the business can be a challenge. The project adopted the approach of early preparation to ensure the business readiness moved along at the right pace. Jigsaw24 started user training much earlier in the process, allowing constant interaction with the wider team to ease them into the changes ahead.

Additionally, realising that requirements were likely to evolve over time as the business grew, Jigsaw24 and FlyForm took an agile approach to development. This allowed the team to further collaborate and develop iteratively, eliciting feedbacks and enhancements along the way and adding back valuable time to the looming go-live deadline.

Cutting through the Noises

With flexibility and collaboration from both Jigsaw24 and FlyForm, we were able to deliver a modern platform that’s adhered to best practices and fit for purpose, providing a user-friendly experience and easy scalability for future growth. The initial reception has been overwhelmingly positive, for both Jigsaw24’s staff and customers, with customer satisfaction rising to highs of 90%.

FlyForm provided support and consultancy for Jigsaw24 on the implementation of the following modules:

  • Now Platform
  • Field Service Management
  • Customer Service Management Pro

With their new ServiceNow instance, Jigsaw24 team and clients are now enjoying the following benefits:

CSM Pro provided Jigsaw24 with a structured, best-practice-aligned service operations model, powered by smart digital workflows:

  • Consistent data model for Accounts, Contacts, Consumers, Contracts, Entitlements, Assets and SLAs makes reporting easier, providing valuable metrics for continual service improvements.
  • Agent Workspace gives service desk staff access to a revamped interface, with all linked information readily available on the same screen, and the ability to manage their own work queues more easily, resulting in 15% reduction in time spent per ticket.
  • Incident, Problem, Change and Request Management allows agents to maintain ownership of cases while issues are being worked on within different internal teams, enabling a 10% decrease in incident resolution time and 25% decrease in follow-up customer correspondence.
  • The new Customer Service Portal provides Jigsaw24’s end-customers with access to time-saving self-service options like Knowledge Base, Service Catalogue, Virtual Agent and Live Chat.

FSM applications empower Jigsaw24 to service all customer needs on the same platform, with linked records and visibility across both reactive work and new customer demand:

  • FSM Central Dispatch and Calendar Tooling enable Jigsaw24 to assign and track work orders, with Timecards and the Timesheet Portal providing full visibility on how field engineers are allocating their time.
  • The FSM Mobile App adoption lets engineers instantly update work progress and gain visibility of upcoming work whilst on the road, saving 10% of time spent on data entry.

With the roll out of the new instance being a smashing success, the Jigsaw24 team is already looking to scale up their ServiceNow instance with the addition of ITSM, giving the team more control and efficiency back to their workday.

"In the world of Managed Services, user experience is key. In ServiceNow, we found the scalable platform that’s befitting of the user experience that our team and our clients deserve. And in FlyForm, we found a delivery partner whose passion for quality matches ours at every step of the way. We’re incredibly excited for the future of this collaboration."

Ross Buntain, Operations Director, Jigsaw24