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Demystifying AIOps: Revolutionising IT Operations with AI and Machine Learning

As businesses grow, IT operations usually experience a massive change in scale. Modern-day IT teams are increasingly finding themselves having to contend with thousands of daily events from multiple monitoring tools. Many organisations say that their inability to manage large volumes of data is the key reason they haven’t been able to monitor events and systems effectively, leading to unnecessary downtime and outages.

These challenges will not cease to pain organisations until action is taken.

Enter Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations. Coined by Gartner*, AIOps presents a solution to the challenges modern-day enterprises face. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, AIOps is able to spot and react to issues in real-time.

To learn more about how AIOps can help you deliver results faster, with lower costs and less staff, download the whitepaper - 'Why AIOps will change your IT operations forever'.

By Al Attwood
12th May 2020