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FlyForm Achieves Elite Partner Status from ServiceNow

FlyForm’s dedication to providing the ultimate ServiceNow partner experience earns recognition in record time

London, UK – 24/10/2019. FlyForm today announced it has been awarded ServiceNow Elite Partner Status. This achievement is a testament to the depth and breadth of FlyForm’s expertise with the ServiceNow platform, and their commitment to delivering the ultimate partner experience.

“I am absolutely delighted that FlyForm has been promoted to Elite Partner. This is a testament to the team’s hard work, dedication and perseverance over the past 24 months to be the ultimate ServiceNow partner. It’s been an awful lot of fun, and I am thoroughly excited about what the next few years hold as we continue on this wonderful journey.”

Phil Davies, CEO and Co-founder of FlyForm

FlyForm has built its offering on the simple principle that a commitment to providing client-centric ServiceNow implementations that help companies work more efficiently – combined with training, product expertise, and certification – will ensure both quality and customer satisfaction. Achieving Elite Partner Status represents ServiceNow’s acknowledgement of the success of this approach.

“This year, we had great pleasure in hiring some amazing people to join us on this incredible journey. Their sheer determination and outstanding efforts made this achievement possible. To reach Elite status makes me immensely proud and grateful for what we have at FlyForm.”

Arron Davies, COO and Co-founder of FlyForm

While FlyFlorm’s latest achievement comes a mere two months after having achieved Premier Partner Status, it represents the culmination of years of dedication to training the best consultants and to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction. It comes off the back of a concerted effort to ensuring that our customers feel that their success is at the heart of our approach, that their success is central to everything we do; this is reflected in the satisfaction scores they provide.

“Gaining our Elite status reflects our customers’ appreciation of what we do and how we do it. Our customers are at the heart of our approach to delivery, from our initial engagement through to the conclusion of any assignment, aspiring to provide the ultimate experience, whilst ensuring the optimal return on their investments.”

Samantha-Jane Scales, Lead Consultant at FlyForm

The ServiceNow Services Partner Program recognises partners based on their experience, expertise, competencies and specialisations. It also represents assurance from ServiceNow that the partner is staying up to date with the platform’s ever-expanding capabilities. FlyForm has achieved Elite Status due to a focus on customer success and the depth of knowledge retained within the company.

By Al Attwood
24th Oct 2019