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Guide to Quebec: Artificial Intelligence Creating Tangible Impact

Artificial Intelligence Creating Tangible Impact

If we were to use one phrase to sum up ServiceNow’s Quebec upgrades, it would be “work smarter, not harder.” For those who have been closely following ServiceNow’s growth over the last few months, the “smart” aspect would come as no surprise. With huge investments and focus on artificial intelligence in the recent years, the company has steadily integrated AI and machine learning into every aspect of the platform. The fruit of that labour is in full display with the many new introductions and enhancements available in Quebec.

Here are some of the highlights:

ServiceNow AI Search: Have you ever tried searching for an item or a knowledge article in your ServiceNow instance but couldn’t find it because you didn’t remember what the development team call it? With the new search functionalities, that is no longer the case: any way you say it, ServiceNow AI will help you find it. With the help of machine learning, you’re free to search for anything, using conversational natural language – on desktop, mobile or chatbot. And the more you search, the more ServiceNow AI will learn from your usage and produce relevant results, saving you time and effort.

ServiceNow App Engine Studio: Included: a space where you can create meaningful custom applications that cater to you and your team’s specific needs. Not included: a steep technical learning curve. Quebec has taken the existing ServiceNow’s App Engine and taken it to the next level, with a dedicated low-to-no-code environment where you can freely live out your app developer dream without years of training.

AI-assisted ServiceNow Customer Service Enhancements: As a company dedicated to customer experience, it would come as no surprise that ServiceNow’s latest upgrades brings you better way to enhance yours – through many subtle but meaningful changes. To name a few: third-party messaging app integration, AI-assisted knowledge gaps identification, agent affinity to assign work the best-suited agent using configuration-based rules, better integration with call centre software, AI-assisted prediction of resolution time to help you better adhere to SLAs, among others. Quebec upgrades support’s ServiceNow’s mission to make work - work better for your service desk and their end customers.

ServiceNow Virtual Agent Enhancement: How can we talk about AI without mentioning the increasingly smart Virtual Agent (VA)? With Quebec, VA comes with a host of improvements that make it even worthy of being your team’s trusty assistant. With new releases now rolled out on a monthly basis, VA will now be able to make recommendations based on customer data, intercept escalated tickets for resolution before passing on to your team, as well as provide even more meaningful recommendations based on customer usage and behaviour analytics, etc. Working together, all these enhancements can add up to major improvement to the way your team rely on VA to support their work.

Through the Quebec release, ServiceNow continues to prove that they listen to their customers, and make significant investments to offer intelligent, automated solutions that put the modern workflow squarely at the centre of the Now platform.

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