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ServiceNow Helps You Do More...With Less

Anything you can do… ServiceNow can help you do it better, with less.

We’ve talked a lot about the power of ServiceNow and what the platform is capable of. But how does it work in practice? How does ServiceNow help you get back values for your investment in your daily work lives, with its myriad of functions.

Who better to ask about those experience than the people who build and use ServiceNow for their daily work? Below, our team sound off on their favourite ServiceNow features and how they have helped them and the companies they’ve worked with make work work better… with less.

Integration Hub: “With the native Integration Hub, you can simplify integrations by consolidating sometimes complex external tools onto the Now Platform. Integration Hub extends the functionality of Flow Designer which allows you to easily create and manage repeatable tasks saving plenty of time, money and resource. The easy-to-follow layout and functionality of flow designer combined with the power of Integration Hub, provides any organisation who is serious about integrating with third party system to really get value from the platform”

Gareth Price, Senior Technical Consultant

Advanced Work Assignment: “Advanced Work Assignment allows you to leverage the power of the Now Platform and automatically assign tickets to your available agents based on their availability, capacity or skills. For example, once configured, you could automatically assign incoming Incidents of a certain Category or Service to a specific group of subject matter experts using AWA. Depending on our configuration, an available agent who has capacity or the relevant skills will be assigned the ticket. This eliminates the need for multiple assignments of a ticket before it lands in the hands of the correct agent and promotes faster time to resolution.”

Ethan Davies, Technical Consultant

Artificial Intelligence: "We had a customer who spent a LOT of time having a re-assign mis-assigned incidents and requests. This meant time wasted for everyone, including the end user and the various groups involved. We recommended predictive intelligence to run machine learning on the existing data, figure out the patterns behind what incidents ended up where, and assign them automatically in the future. This is going to save huge amounts of time and cause a massive increase in achieved SLAs, and will only get better as more and more data is analysed. This means more time can be spent on getting to the root cause of incidents, rather than re-assigning records - and of course increased customer satisfaction.”

Jessica Robinson, Engagement Manager

Dashboard: "This feature is flexible and integrated across the platform. It allows you to quickly create and share stories with real-time data from any place within ServiceNow. Rather than grinding through loads of spreadsheets to get the data, employees can focus on identifying and actioning areas of improvement."

Marcus Redfern, Engagement Manager

Virtual Agent: "When I train Service Desk agents, the biggest time sink is always answering the more mundane questions that constantly come through (password resets, known errors, etc). Virtual Agent being able to handle those makes the experience quicker for the end user (no waiting times), plus the agents can use their valuable time getting stuck into the meaty questions, which has the added bonus of making their day-to-day a bit more interesting.”

Jessica Robinson, Engagement Manager

Have questions about another ServiceNow function and how it can help you do more with less? Feel free to contact us - we're always here to answer any questions.

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By Al Attwood
30th Jul 2020