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ServiceNow Orlando Release - Top ITOM and CMDB Features

In every new release, ServiceNow ups the ante, and Orlando has been no exception

The Orlando release enhances the functionality from previous releases and focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) - making for a better consumer and user experience all around.

It was hard to choose only a handful, but here are our top IT Operations Management (ITOM) and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) features in this release:

  • Cloud Insights: Reducing cloud spend should be on everyone’s list. This feature helps you easily identify who owns cloud resources with native analytics, provides automated recommendations and helps you take actions to reduce cloud waste.

  • Domain Separation: Personalisation can increase usage and engagement. With the Orlando release, you can provide a unique cloud experience to every customer by giving them a dedicated service catalogue. You can also enable cloud provisioning, policy, governance and cost management that is driven by customer needs.

  • Common Service Data Model 2.0: All CMDB data in one place. Take a prescriptive approach by delivering guidance for CMDB class & relationship models. Increase value of your CMDB by defining how data should be represented to all your users & applications.

  • ITOM Operator Workspace: Manage all your digital services with ease. Provide a unified dashboard for service health with powerful, consistent drill-down capabilities. Deliver operational metrics for tracking the severity of an issue. Scale to enterprise requirements with intelligent event aggregation.

  • Robust Transform Engine: Get the most of your CMDB by integrating your data to CMDB seamlessly. This out-of-the-box mechanism will help you transfer data to your CMDB from 3rd party resources as well. Use automated and user-defined rules to format 3rd party data properly in CMDB. Overall, this feature improves CMDB data quality.

With the large investments ServiceNow makes on R&D every year, we can’t wait to see what the next release brings.

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