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Our Culture

Autonomy, Transparency & Growth

Nowadays, we hear a lot about the importance of establishing and maintaining a healthy work culture - but what does that actually look like in practice?

Without a doubt, company culture is a critical factor to an organisation’s success. A healthy company culture can influence acquiring and retaining top talent and propel an organisation’s revenue.

At FlyForm, we believe company culture should transcend the typical ideas of employee benefits - such as team events, access to free confectionary items, and corporate fitness memberships. For us, culture is about the shared set of values and behaviours of every individual member of staff.

FlyForm’s culture was born from the experience of our co-founders, Arron Davies and Phil Davies. When they founded FlyForm in 2015, having spent over a decade in the IT industry, Phil and Arron wanted something different. So they set out to create a work environment that's predicated on employee autonomy, transparency and growth.

At FlyForm, every employee has a ‘seat at the table’… literally! We have a weekly lunch program to give team members a mid-week mental break and encourage them to bond on a personal level (no work talk allowed!). Every Friday morning, we have team meetings where we not only give project updates and share insights, but also highlight and celebrate individual achievements and empower team members to speak up about any improvements they’d like to see within the organisation.

FlyForm has seen an unprecedented rate of growth since 2017- at the heart of this is our incredible culture.

Watch the video as Ilse Passet (Head of Marketing), Hugo Nguyen (Office Manager), and Ethan Davies (Senior Technical Consultant) discuss the culture within FlyForm.

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By FlyForm
25th Jul 2019