DevOps in the Enterprise

Balancing speed and safety in today’s climate

The recent months have seen a sharpening of IT priorities; with operational resilience, service efficiency and customer experience demanding necessary mindshare.

The need to be super agile has arguably increased the emergence of DevOps as the standard operating model, but how does the Enterprise adapt to the need for speed whilst maintaining stability and safety?

In this on-demand webinar, you will:

  • Hear from ServiceNow, Inc., FlyForm and DevOpsGroup experts on current trends and the business case for DevOps
  • See ServiceNow® DevOps in action with a demo
  • Learn why deploying to production should be a business decision and not a technical constraint
  • Receive tips on how to accelerate initiatives with governance, insights and intelligent automation built-in
  • Learn more about the role of ServiceNow DevOps in the Enterprise
  • Join your peers to understand and see how you can delight your DevOps Teams by accelerating change across your organisation.

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