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ServiceNow for Central Government Agency

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A Clean Slate

A new era with complete ownership. A complex network of tools and suppliers. A streamlined future.

To have more control of their IT systems and suppliers, an independent government agency who works closely with legal and security departments made the strategic decision to off-board a long-term supplier and consolidate the tools and processes in-house. It was an ambitious project that included many moving pieces and required an attentive, dedicated partner. FlyForm stepped up, navigating the challenges of consolidating the Agency’s many suppliers and new systems into a ServiceNow-based single source of truth. We delivered not only a standardised platform, common processes, and streamlined communications but also the ability to track, monitor and measure efficiency and service levels.

As part of the larger undertaking to overhaul its supplier base and modernise its systems, the Agency was looking to implement and integrate the latest version of the Now platform. Their existing environment included a supplier-owned, pre-Aspen ServiceNow instance, which was no longer fitting their functionality and security needs, and various outsourced tools. With their sight firmly set on future longevity, the Agency set out to consolidate all the tools into a single, in-house integrated source of data.

The Agency selected FlyForm based on a combination of factors: Our extensive experience in the government sector, history in the G-cloud framework, the flexibility we offer and our client-centric ethos.

Adapting a Plan for Flexibility

Coming together is a beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success.

No implementation happens in isolation. The scope of the Agency’s project was bold and ambitious, and many challenges came up even before the delivery plan was agreed. Some of the platforms being onboarded were not compatible with the Now Platform and there was still some work to do to select some of the implementation suppliers. The gaps created some challenges on an already tight deadline.

In true spirit of collaboration, the Agency team and FlyForm were open and flexible, which helped delivery on a tight deadline while still maintaining the integrity of the project plan. FlyForm built some of the platform on partial information (including consultant’s prior experience with those other systems), then interviewed each new supplier as they were on-boarded, validating – and, where needed, retrofitting – what had already been implemented.

This approach minimised any delay to the plan while also including the additional effort. The openness on both sides resulted in a productive working relationship that never took its eyes off solutions.

Supporting Suppliers to Better Support End-Users

A business-management framework for consistency and governance. Integrated systems and communications channels.

FlyForm’s implementation of the ServiceNow platform for the Agency included the following modules:

The ITBM implementation went live on schedule. As a result:

  • Old tools and platforms were decommissioned, with all teams and processes moved to standardised ServiceNow-based ways of working.
  • The Agency’s projects are now consistently managed, with centralised governance.
  • Project managers can pick up each other’s work.
  • New projects can copy existing project templates, leading to better planning and forecasting.
  • Data from across projects can be consolidated and understood by management.

The ITSM implementation – including all on-boarding of new suppliers and decommissioning of the old toolsets – provided the Agency with:

  • A single, integrated environment for suppliers to communicate – both with the Agency and between each other – including easier routing of tickets.
  • Full tracking and monitoring of communications and efficiencies.
  • The ability to meaningfully measure service levels.

Additionally, with the overall consolidation of old toolsets into a single ServiceNow platform – managed by FlyForm – the Agency’s suppliers can concentrate on delivering value rather than maintaining disparate old platforms.

Following this initial ITBM and ITSM implementation, the Agency is now adding SAM (Software Asset Management) to their ServiceNow landscape, while FlyForm work through a backlog of process improvements captured following the first phase of implementation. PA (Performance Analytics) and other ITSM Pro features will follow, with a revisit to ITBM for further maturity.

"If you are thinking of implementing change within your organisation, you are in safe hands with ServiceNow and FlyForm. FlyForm were excellent partners, helping us with the journey."

Head of ICT Strategy