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Charterhouse hits 93% customer satisfaction with a new service delivery platform

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Chartering New Grounds

Large acquisitions. Siloed data and processes. ServiceNow to consolidate.

Charterhouse Group went through an unprecedented growth period as a result of strategic acquisitions that significantly expanded their client base and service capacity. As with most mergers, the growth came with its own set of challenges. Combining several entities with separate systems is a delicate process. If not done properly, it can introduce inefficient and redundant workflows that slow down progress.

The Charterhouse leadership team, armed with decades of IT services experience, made the strategic decision to combine all separate businesses under one integrated, consistent platform, working with one common set of processes and data model.

ServiceNow was chosen as the platform of choice thanks to its modern, customer service-centric module, as well as its easy scalability that would set Charterhouse up for further expansion. FlyForm came onboard recommended by ServiceNow thanks to our high CSAT score and track record of successful delivery in this area.

Uncharted Territory

Data complexity. Tight timeline. FlyForm strikes the right balance.

As companies with similar customer-centric ethos and high commitment to quality, FlyForm and the Charterhouse team were on the same page from the start. Through this business transformation project, FlyForm was asked to provide the new Charterhouse family with a common data model, consolidated processes for service delivery and a single platform.

The teams recognised data as the building block for the new organisation’s operational foundation and were aware of its impact on employees and end-users. The first step involved carefully analysing the existing data and determining the best way to bring it together into the newly unified Now Platform. Working with external partner servicePath, we were able to pick out the right attributes to leverage in ServiceNow, building the necessary groundwork for ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB), using the Common Service Data Model (CSDM) best practices.

Once the CMDB was in place, FlyForm worked with Charterhouse to build out their Customer Relationship Management module, with the backing of proactive Event Management. FlyForm remained flexible, reordering development activities around Charterhouse’s availability to make the most out of our allotted schedule, whilst using our expertise with projects of similar scale to push development forward without delay.

The project went live on time, thanks to Charterhouse’s commitment to change and FlyForm’s flexibility and ingenuity with data and resource availability. The success of the project was shown when only ten days after go-live, Charterhouse's customers reported 93% satisfaction with the implementation. As service providers, both teams were acutely aware of the stakes involved at all times and kept their eyes firmly on the ultimate goal: world-class service commitments to end-customers.

Housing New Opportunities

FlyForm’s implementation of Charterhouse’s ServiceNow instance included the following modules:

Now Platform

  • Service Portal

Customer Service Management (CSM)

IT Operations Management (ITOM)

  • Event Management
  • Discovery
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Since going live, the new portal has already proven to be a success with the Charterhouse team and customers - drawing more visitors than at any point in time. Charterhouse is reaping the following benefits from their investments:

  • All business units are now operating under one unified delivery platform, servicing over 6,500 contracts with consistent, complementary processes.
  • The ability to easily and instantly survey customers via the new portal, providing a valuable, continuous flow of data for agile decision-making.
  • Event management allows the Charterhouse service desk to be more proactive around major incidents, keeping the SLA safe.
  • Centralised CMDB with over 40,000 assets, brings all Charterhouse data under one platform, providing the team with a constant flow of analytics and data to inform strategic decision making and reduce downtime.

"At Charterhouse, our success has been built around commitment to quality – in FlyForm, we found a likeminded partner. Thanks to the power of ServiceNow and FlyForm’s determination, our team and customers are happier and more engaged. With a brand new portal and unified system this transformation project has provided the right framework for future growth. We look forward to exploring the platform and all the ways it can help our team deliver consistent, high-quality services to our clients."

Hugo Holland-Bosworth, Group Services Director, Charterhouse Group