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Overcoming merger complexity in record time for a managed service provider

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Services On The Rise

An exciting merger. A new level of complexity. ServiceNow offers a fresh start.

A national mid-sized Managed Service Provider (MS Provider) was on the verge of a new, exciting chapter in its growth journey. After a long-gestating merger, the company now had the capacity to provide managed services to an increasing number of customers across the country.

However, the merger came with its own challenges. The combination of the existing and new organisations brought along a host of contracts that were varied across different service levels. Scaling up required uniform standards – and this much customisation was going to be a roadblock in the ambitious growth plan for this service company.

Undeterred, MS Provider's new Director of Operations faced the challenge head on. Having previously utilised ServiceNow, he was familiar with the Now Platform’s functionality and the opportunities it could provide for the emerging digital services company. Now all they needed was a partner to help them usher in these changes – and do it quickly.

FlyForm came highly recommended from ServiceNow thanks to our high CSAT score levels and track record of project success in this area. After taking an in-depth look at the client’s operating model and its challenges, FlyForm built the business case for both ITSM and CSM implementation to provide consistent services, with bespoke options that bring value to their end customers.

K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple and Scalable

Complex service level agreements. Tight timeline. FlyForm got to work.

MS Provider's flexibility with providing personalised services to meet customers’ unique needs was a vital ingredient in their recipe for current success. However, if the company wanted to keep growing at scale, big changes were required. For an ambitious project of this scope – with full implementation of two ServiceNow modules that could affect hundreds of employees and thousands of end users – careful considerations would have to be made.

FlyForm started at the high level, diving deep into MS Provider's vast database of hundreds of permutations relating to different contracts and service levels. Armed with the comprehensive understanding of the complex requirements, our team developed a brand-new, overarching data model that struck the middle ground: to account for MS Provider's different customisations as to not affect existing services, whilst efficiently simplifying these permutations to fit in with ServiceNow standards and trimming corners along the way.

Due to their fast growth and mandate to put the customer first, MS Provider's internal team supporting the implementation was small and had their attention on the customer first. Making the most of the resources we were assigned, FlyForm kept an open line of communications with constant updates and continual data model proofs of concept along the way whilst we were able to effectively use collaboration to produce an end result that's fit for purpose.

The project was a success thanks to MS Provider's commitment to changes and FlyForm’s appreciation of the stakes involved. As professionals in the technical services space, we understand the importance of supporting through high-quality services and delivering on our commitments – whatever it takes.

Changes That Worked

FlyForm’s implementation of MS Provider's ServiceNow instance included the following modules:

Customer Service Management (CSM)

IT Service Management (ITSM):

  • Change Management
  • Incident Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Problem Management
  • Request Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Major Incident Management

FlyForm delivered 12-week’s worth of implementation work to the client after 8 weeks, enabling the following results:

With the new data model – including ITSM, CSM and contract management – staff now has the ability to trigger the right service level at the click of a mouse.


  • ITSM functions gave the internal team a support portal to allow for more automation and increase efficiency in getting and providing internal support
  • More overall automation and efficiency in internal processes.


  • A single, uniform CSM support portal allows customers to access knowledge articles and raise tickets, with potential to expand on self-service in the near future.
  • The introduction of CSM allows for different support structure within the client’s own instance.
  • The client team is now able to create a Triage process, reducing the number of tickets being created and eliminate potential duplicate tickets.
  • The ability to easily and instantly survey customers, providing a valuable, continuous flow of data for agile decision-making.

"The FlyForm team delivered great results on a tight deadline. For an implementation of this scope and complexity, they knocked every challenge that came their way out of the park. We are excited for future, thanks to the solid foundation that FlyForm and ServiceNow have set up for us."

Director of Operations