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Solving a national healthcare provider’s portal problems with ITSM

  • Emailed ticket requests
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  • Platform Downtime
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  • Customer Satisfaction
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A troubled diagnosis

Providing a functional service when your service portal suffers repeated outages can be a real pain.

A major national healthcare provider (PCP) was experiencing continuous issues with their service management portal. The portal was a few years old and not up to date. It was incompatible with modern industry-standard workflows, based on manual processes at every level, and lacked a functional upgrade path, resulting in regular failures, hitting the support team with repeated 20-minute outages whenever the application needed to be restarted.

With the need clear, PCP chose to implement ServiceNow’s latest cloud platform as the first step in enabling IT as a service benefitting business operations. They chose FlyForm based on our experience working within sectors demanding compliance with strict regulatory frameworks, and our exceptional customer satisfaction score (CSAT).

The Perfect Cure

Not even out-of-the-box implementations are without challenges.

With their experience of the pain of proprietary platforms, PCP wanted their ServiceNow platform implementation to be closer to out-of-the-box: a continually upgraded, vendor-hosted solution that wasn’t cumbered by customisations. However, all businesses have their own processes, their own needs. Faced with the discrepancies between out-of-the-box behaviour and process requirements, the FlyForm team presented a configuration-based approach to close the gap – one that used ServiceNow-provided and supported capabilities – and PCP embraced the suggestion on their scope.

Additionally, the client team supporting the implementation was small, with a single stakeholder being pivotal to the entire process, from requirement provision to platform acceptance. A commitment to working extra hours – including weekends – ensured that delays didn’t ensue from this situation, and FlyForm did our part by front-loading development time to provide a buffer in case of unexpected delays.

Nothing But Perfect Health

Processes that follow industry standards. A perfectly stable platform. Everyone is happy.

FlyForm’s implementation of PCP’s ServiceNow platform included the following modules and integrations:

IT Service Management (ITSM):

  • Incident Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Problem Management
  • Request Management
  • Service Portal
  • Walk-up Experience
  • Agent Workspace


  • SolarWinds Email Integration

The Service Portal implementation went live without delay. As a result:

  • Zero platform outages since go-live, savings 2.5 people’s time that can now be dedicated to improving services.
  • 35% of tickets raised through self-service rather than raising email, thereby increasing employee productivity.
  • Ticket resolution is integrated and partially automated, reducing average ticket resolution time.
  • Introduction of a new Tech Bar enables face-to-face appointments for users, drastically improving engagement.
  • A central, one-stop shop support portal for incidents and service requests simplifies IT support.
  • The service team is more comfortable, knowing that they are following industry best practices in providing support to their users.
  • IT’s reputation has improved markedly and the department can focus on developing and delivering added-value services to an established roadmap.
  • Enhanced reporting and processes aligns more closely with ITIL best practices.

Off the back of these realised efficiencies, PCP is now looking at expanding their ServiceNow platform with the ITOM and HR modules, working in partnership with FlyForm.

"Within days of deployment, we were able to launch innovative new services, all of which have benefited the end-user estate immensely. Feedback from the wider business has been astounding, showing clear improvements in our operations."

Head of IT Service Delivery

FlyForm is an elite ServiceNow partner, renowned for its expertise in integrating and optimizing ServiceNow solutions for businesses. Leveraging their deep knowledge of the platform, FlyForm can tailor ServiceNow implementations to fit unique business requirements, ensuring a seamless digital transformation journey.