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TIP Trailer Services go for global growth with ServiceNow

  • Staff Adoption
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  • Global Locations
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  • Number of Workflows
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ServiceNow Supports Digital Transformation Project

Fast growth. Critical digital transformation. FlyForm to usher in the solution.

TIP Trailer Services, one of Europe’s leading equipment service providers, was going through an enviable growth juncture. Their 5-year development plan was right on target with the company growing through major acquisitions, doubling the number of employees, and reaching upward revenue targets – not to mention a new major partnership with Amazon – the biggest online retailer in the world.

Realising that IT processes were a linchpin for the growth plan, three years prior, the leadership team set in motion a digital transformation project encompassing operations at a global level. A consistent, more robust, scalable platform would be needed so that TIP staff could continue providing world-class customer services.

As part of the final phase in the plan, a swift decision was made to move from their previous platform to ServiceNow, with FlyForm as the implementation partner to usher in a comprehensive overhaul of the IT operations. The transformation would focus particularly on improving internal processes so that TIP workers spread across Europe and India could have the best tools to power their daily work demands.

A Swift Solution

Building from a solid new foundation.

It was immediately clear that the application TIP had been using for the past 15 years was no longer sufficient for the increasingly expansive operations. It was expensive, too complex for full internal adoption and it didn’t have the right functionality to support TIP’s future growth. On top of that, it didn’t allow for the right level of governance. This meant that a brand-new solution was required.

For a project of this scope, time is of the essence. Any delay might have affected the growth momentum that the company was experiencing. FlyForm got straight to work with the TIP team.

First, a foundation was laid with the transition of all ITSM functions from the existing supplier to ServiceNow. Off of that foundation, FlyForm took a deep dive into the TIP’s operational structure – reviewing the backend of their current tool, talking to every stakeholder to learn about their pain points and determine how a new custom app, could solve their current challenges.

With a long list of complex requirements, FlyForm developed a 190-field app prototype in less than a week, using the Now Platform App Engine. With this prototype, we gave the client assurance of the app’s immediate usability and also provided them with a simple and consistent blueprint for future development needs. With this powerful tool at their fingertips, TIP can now introduce new functions across future workflows as they continue growing – reaping more out of their investment.

At no point during this project did FlyForm let the time pressure affect the quality of our work. With our extensive experience, we know that careful planning produces the best results and in the Now Platform App Engine, we saw and took the opportunity for setting up the client with the best chance for future scalability.

An app for opportunities

FlyForm’s implementation of TIP Trailer Services' ServiceNow platform includes the following module:

  • Now Platform App Engine

Since going live the new app has already delivered stellar results:

  • A decrease of 12.5% in the number of workflows through careful consolidation
  • Of 190 fields developed for the app prototype, 100% were pushed into production
  • App usage has been increasing consistently helping TIP deliver high quality services to customers in 102 locations across the world
  • An immediate retiring of the legacy tool
  • Total control and standardisation across TIP’s IT operations, enabling consistency in workflow process and notifications

Following the successful rollout of the custom app to their global team, TIP is looking forward to the future where they will continue to use the Now Platform App Engine and the FlyForm-developed app prototype to introduce new functionalities as they take on more expansions.

"ServiceNow has made an enormous impact in our business by allowing us to provide excellent service to our employees across the globe, increasing the level of governance and allowing us to work more efficiently. We are looking forward to scaling the functionality of our custom app as the business grows"

Barry Wike, IT Infrastructure Director

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