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Top four benefits of combining ITSM and ITOM

A single view across your network is vital to getting the most out of your IT investment. Unifying ServiceNow’s service and operational management products is a key step in reaching that promised ‘single pane of glass’ – with a host of additional benefits to boot.

Getting a handle on your IT estate is essential if you want to maintain a competitive edge. The pace of change is constantly pushing for IT to work harder, smarter and more efficiently.

But, easier said than done, right? If you’ve ever lain awake at night haunted by the struggle to establish that much-quoted ‘single pane of glass view’, we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

By bringing together your operational and service IT management, you can unlock that single view with all the visibility and control you need to solve incidents faster, proactively innovate and deliver the modern IT experience your people and customers expect.

In this blog, we’ll explore the key benefits you’ll gain from combining ServiceNow’s IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) products, so you know exactly why it’s worth your time.

Why combine IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM)?

Though historically kept separate, let’s dive into the four key reasons why you’ll want to unify your service and operational IT:

1. Better experiences – for everyone

ITSM and ITOM form the two key buckets that make up your environment. ITSM looks after the processes, workflows and service delivery elements, whilst ITOM makes up the hardware, software, and infrastructure that allows it all to function.

If these two halves of your environment aren’t working together, they’re likely working against one another. If you’re to provide the seamless, omnichannel experience your customers expect and empower your people to resolve incidents faster, your service and operational IT needs to be working in harmony.

By uniting ITSM and ITOM as part of the ServiceNow platform, you can create a single source of truth for data.

This means that everything, and everyone, operating in your environment is singing from the same hymn sheet – enabling you to standardise processes and automate many workflows that wouldn’t work previously because that integration and shared understanding didn’t exist.

The result? Joined-up experiences that unlock greater collaboration for your people and a seamless service for your customers. You’ll be able to operate more efficiently, much faster, and watch your CSAT scores shoot up.

2. Enhanced efficiency and cost savings

With that key ITSM/ITOM integration in place, your agents can operate far more efficiently with rich contextual data available directly within their workspace.

Incident data and details travel with the ticket and, because your workspaces can draw on service and operational information, incidents can be easily tracked back to their point of origin.

That means that tickets can be resolved much faster and proactive action taken to identify common problem areas – preventing future tickets from even being created.

Given the spiralling cost associated with resolving repeated tickets, that’s an easy justification and a significant return on investment right there.

3. Accelerated integration and innovation

Once you’ve achieved that one-window view across your entire IT estate, opportunities for innovation will quickly become apparent as ServiceNow makes connections between issues and their root cause.

This helps you identify whether a service delivery issue is being caused by an operational failure or vice versa. Armed with that insight, ServiceNow can then alert your agents to the issues having the biggest impact – conveniently prioritised with suggested remediation actions so you can respond in a single click.

With ServiceNow’s AI making these connections across your network, you’ll gain a much clearer picture of how your environment is performing. Once you know that, you can target problem areas and proactively create a solution or better way of working.

ServiceNow can even flag potential issues before they become a problem, as it can estimate the impact of planned changes to your environment.

This can be a game-changer for most organisations. Instead of fighting fires and reactively fixing things that have broken, you’ll be able to proactively tackle problems and make improvements that keep your business moving forward.

4. Greater security

You can’t take two steps in the IT solution space without the ‘S’ word coming up. It’s an all too common reality that as your IT estate expands to include more solutions, devices and services (across the cloud, on-premises and work-from-home locations) – the more gaps appear in your security.

Where ITSM and ITOM can help with this is in consolidating your services and operational data into one platform. ServiceNow is also highly compatible with third-party services and solutions, which further helps draw all your IT data into one location for you to make sense of and use.

ServiceNow’s security capabilities are designed to leverage that integrated data to give you detailed information in the event of a breach or attack. Using both service and operational data, ServiceNow can highlight affected devices and services, helping you quickly pinpoint and prioritise remediation.

You can also automate a lot of this process so ServiceNow surfaces priority threats alongside recommended remediation actions – accelerating the time to resolution and keeping you secure.

Ready to get started?

With ITSM and ITOM working together, you’ll have the visibility and control to operate efficiently, proactively address issues and deliver a much better experience for everyone involved.

At FlyForm, we’re well-placed to help you achieve this holistic view and make the most of ServiceNow to achieve your business goals. We’ll help you get ITSM and ITOM properly integrated so you can immediately begin to see these benefits come to life in your environment.

Still not convinced? Why not book a demo with us and we’ll walk you through the benefits first-hand.

Key takeaways

  • Combining ITSM and ITOM is key to gaining visibility and control over your whole IT environment and managing it in one place.
  • By doing so, both your people and customers will benefit from faster services and better experiences.
  • It’s also key to identifying areas where you can proactively improve and innovate on services to operate efficiently and reduce ticket volume – drastically reducing your costs in the process.
  • No one operates online without security being top of mind. By combining ITSM and ITOM you’ll have the visibility and context to act swiftly and accurately to mitigate threats and stay secure.