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A day in the life of a Lead Technical Consultant

At FlyForm, we’re fortunate to have some of the best ServiceNow technical consultants in the industry working for us. We spoke to one of our Lead Technical Consultants to uncover what goes on behind the scenes and why he loves his role at FlyForm.

Our Technical Consultants operate on the front line of delivering successful ServiceNow solutions to our clients.

Enormously varied, no two days are ever the same – and they’re constantly challenged to adapt to changing client requirements and create unique solutions.

We sat down with one of our Lead Technical Consultants, Harry Campbell, to find out how he’s enjoying his role and responsibilities at FlyForm.

Hi Harry! Could you give us an introduction to yourself, your role and how you came to be at FlyForm?

Sure, I’m Harry, and I joined FlyForm in November 2021 as a Senior Technical Consultant.

A Senior Technical Consultant is primarily responsible for providing outstanding technical solutions and guidance to clients using the ServiceNow platform. This may sometimes mean stepping up to support the project lead in workshops or assisting colleagues around the business with any issues they are having.

Since being promoted to Lead Technical Consultant, my role has changed slightly. At its core, I still provide outstanding solutions to clients, however, I now have additional responsibilities such as leading workshops and providing more technical governance over a project.

Before working at FlyForm, I spent eight years working as a ServiceNow Engineer/Developer for various ServiceNow customers across a range of industries, including finance, defence and cyber security.

I started out in 2014 as a Service Desk Analyst, using the ServiceNow platform to direct incidents to resolver teams. I happened to sit next to my company’s ServiceNow developer and showed an interest in what he was doing. That, unbeknownst to me, set the course of my career.

I have always loved working on the ServiceNow platform and loved the companies I worked for. In mid-2021, I knew the next step in my career would be to move into the partner space, but I was happy where I was.

I had seen FlyForm all over social media and loved the way their people and their clients spoke about them. If anyone was going to tempt me away from where I was, it was FlyForm.

I received a call from a recruiter about an opportunity at FlyForm and jumped at the chance, after two interviews, I knew it was a great fit for me and luckily, they thought I was a good fit for them, too.

A headshot of Harry Campbell looking directly to the camera and smiling.
FlyForm Lead Technical Consultant, Harry Campbell

So, what might a ‘typical’ day look like for you as an LTC?

My day typically starts between 08:30 – 09:00 am and is usually kicked off with a project stand-up, where the project team get together to discuss what we‘ve been working on and talk through any blockers or project tasks.

Depending on what stage of the project we are in, the rest of the day can vary drastically. If we are at the start of a project, the day could be taken up by running workshops with the client and gathering requirements.

During a build phase, it will be straight into the nitty gritty, building the solution to meet the customer's needs (my happy place). This will quite often involve supporting or being supported by other colleagues. I can call on or be called upon by anyone and it is one of the things I love about FlyForm, the supportive nature of everyone here.

As a lead, I need to be acutely aware of the client's needs so I can provide the best solution for them. This might involve suggesting a better way to do something (following best practice of course) or ensuring they are aware of risks to their processes and technical implementation.

Towards the end of a project, I will be looking at our deployment and building a plan to ensure its success. I will also put any technical documentation in place, so there’s a smooth transition for the client.

My days are varied but they all share some common features – I get to work with truly outstanding people every day, and I always switch off my computer knowing I’ve been able to showcase my abilities and make a difference.

"Without a doubt, the best thing about my role is the people I get to work with every day. Everyone at FlyForm is fantastic, everyone here supports one another, at all levels."

You were recently promoted to a Team Leader, how has that changed your role and responsibilities?

Alongside my project responsibilities, I’m now responsible for a group of fantastic technical consultants and I’m here to guide them through their FlyForm career. Being a team leader within FlyForm is less about making sure people are doing their job and more about motivating my team to achieve their goals.

I have regular 1-2-1s with my team to ensure they’re progressing with the objectives that we have worked together to put in place. It's also a great mechanism for them to ask me for advice or have an outlet for whatever is on their mind.

First and foremost, I’m there to make sure that they are happy, engaged and moving in the direction they want to go.

I’m also responsible for initiatives in the wider organisation, such as ensuring all FlyFormers are trained in certain competencies that ServiceNow expect of Elite partners.

How did the progression to Team Leader come about?

Just over a year ago, being a Team Leader was the last thing on my mind. I was purely focused on being the best Technical Consultant I could be.

At our Q4 meeting last year, Phil (FlyForm’s CEO) asked us all to close our eyes and imagine FlyForm in five years' time. He set out a picture of what he wanted the business to look like, and from that point, I had this vision in my head of being a leader within the organisation.

About six months later, the company was growing rapidly. We had two full technical teams, led by two amazing Team Leaders. It was obvious that we needed a third technical team within our Professional Services division and after some quick decision-making by our Senior Leadership Team, the new Team Leader role was advertised internally, and I took my opportunity.

What do you enjoy about your role and what have you found challenging?

Without a doubt, the best thing about my role is the people I get to work with every day. Everyone at FlyForm is fantastic, everyone here supports one another, at all levels.

Personally, I think using the word 'family' is a bit cliché, but it is as close as I have ever seen within a professional organisation.

I love being able to build amazing solutions for our clients. Every engagement is different, but they all have one theme, what is the best we can do for this customer?

I could go from taking a heavily customised instance back to baseline one month to leveraging the power of ServiceNow to build a custom application the next month. I love the variety that the role offers.

The most challenging aspect for me is something I have spoken about at length with my colleagues during my time at FlyForm – imposter syndrome. I am confident in my ability as a Technical Consultant, but when I look around at the people I work with, I see some of the most technically able and down-to-earth consultants in the business.

Any worry I have about being in over my head soon goes away, however, because everyone here – and what they have to offer – is valued, and they are all genuinely good people.

Harry Campbell sits at a round table surrounded by his colleagues at the 2023 FlyForm Christmas party, all looking towards the camera posing for a group photo.
Harry (seated, centre) celebrates a successful year with his fellow FlyFormers at the FlyForm 2023 Christmas party.

How is FlyForm supporting your continued career development and progression?

Before I joined FlyForm two years ago, I was a ServiceNow Engineer. A Technical Consultant is a different beast, and it was a concern for me that I wouldn’t be able to take the leap.

Fast forward two years and I’m a Lead Technical Consultant and Team Leader. That wouldn’t have been possible without the support put in place by FlyForm, facilitated by the amazing managers I have worked under during my time here.

As a Technical Consultant, my manager and I worked together to help me gain four ServiceNow CIS certifications in the last two years. I still have regular check-ins with them to ensure my progression is on track and I am given the time to focus on training and certification in areas I want to develop.

When I told my manager I was interested in becoming a team leader, he helped provide me with opportunities to hone my leadership skills and give me a taste of what the role would be like. This gave me the confidence to step up and go for the open position when it became available.

My role as a team leader is my first role as a manager. My new line manager has also been my mentor, helping me to succeed and be the best leader I can be, providing me with any coaching I need, along with any advice and support when I need it so that I can help drive the development of people in my own team.

We’re a people-focused organisation, where the development and progression of everyone in the company is at the forefront of what we do every day.

What advice would you give someone thinking about joining FlyForm?

I’ve been asked this one before, and my first bit of advice is always the same: be yourself! When we’re looking at potential candidates, we are looking beyond your technical capabilities, the kind of person you are is just as important, if not more!

The second bit of advice I would give is to check out our values! The FlyForm values mean a lot to us, and they underpin everything we do every day. Every company has their published values, but we truly live ours. If you look at them and feel like they resonate with you, take the leap!

Sound like something you want to be a part of?

We’re always looking for talented people to join the FlyFam. If you like the sound of joining us as a technical consultant, why not shoot us an email via our careers form to see if your future could begin at FlyForm?

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By Gareth Hubbard
19th Dec 2023