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ServiceNow Agent Workspace – Improving your team’s efficiency

Introduced in ServiceNow’s Madrid release, Agent Workspace presents a single pane view for agents to respond to task types, view the full context of issues and get relevant AI-assisted recommendations.

Due to a low level of configuration in both Madrid and New York releases, Agent Workspace fell short on delivering a workspace that truly embraced a single pane view and improved the efficiency of its agents.

ServiceNow identified the issues agents were experiencing with Agent Workspace and worked diligently to resolve and pack value into their Orlando release.

With the Orlando release, ServiceNow has enhanced the Agent Workspace configuration by allowing agents to have multiple issues open simultaneously in a tabbed format. This allows the agent to quickly move through each issue without having to switch screens.

Agents can view their workspaces in the following formats:

  • Landing page - This is usually the first page an agent will see which will show the issues an agent needs to work on.
  • Record List - The view that agents utilise to work on issues. This view includes in-depth record information and suggestions about how to resolve issues and communicate with requesters.
  • List view - A filtered list of all records in the database that agents use to see, for example, all cases, only open cases, and only their cases. Agents use this view to find issues to work on.

But it doesn’t stop there. Agents can now configure Agent chat to have live conversations with customers, and their team. To increase agent productivity and provide a seamless experience, agents can create response templates and, if needed, allocate the requester to another agent based on availability, capacity and skills. If utilised correctly, Agent chat can be a valuable asset to agents’ productivity as it can minimise the time agents respond to requests via email.

If you want to learn more, click here to see a demo on how to customise the new Agent Workspace to improve your agents’ efficiency.

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