Top 3 Benefits of Upgrading Your ServiceNow Instance

We know that upgrading to new ServiceNow® instances takes a firm commitment as it requires a financial investment, human resources, and time. Yet the benefits of upgrading far outweigh the costs, both in the long and short term.

Here are the top 3 benefits for upgrading to the new ServiceNow release:

  • Business value gains – Keeping current with ServiceNow upgrades provides business value in the form of higher productivity, lower build cost, easier maintenance, and faster time to next version.

    ServiceNow has handily provided a benefit calculator based on a study* conducted with actual customers. As an example, a company with 10,000 employees and 2 ServiceNow developers earning £144,000 a year each, can potentially gain annual value of £870,000 by upgrading to the latest software version. Keep in mind that this is only a ballpark calculation, talk to us to get a personalised business case for your organisation.
  • Better performance – Each new upgrade brings major functionality changes and new additions that could be game changers to your business. ServiceNow invests hundreds of millions of dollars every year on R&D, fixing past issues and developing new features that keep up with consumer trends and new technology. Upgrading quickly will help you keep up with the ever-improving functionality and performance of the ServiceNow platform.
  • Higher Security – Ensuring you have the latest version of ServiceNow translates into higher security and availability. ServiceNow’s current policy is to only support their current and previous releases which means that if you fall behind, your platform will no longer have access to continued patches and hotfixes for your instances, increasing the security risks for both performance and data stored in the application.

Finally, ServiceNow recommends that your upgrades be treated like any other projects, that you use best practices and allocate time and resources to its success. If you’d like more information on how FlyForm can help you upgrade your ServiceNow instance to the latest version, please contact us.

* Forrester Certified. Calculated using a financial model developed by Forrester Consulting based on the commissioned November 2018 study, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Staying Current With ServiceNow Upgrades, conducted with actual customers on behalf of ServiceNow.

Diagram showing upgrade cycle for ServiceNow. Step 1: Prepare. Step 2: Upgrade and test the test instance. Step 3: Upgrade and test production instance
By FlyForm
29th Apr 2020