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ITSM fuels global efficiency gains for Sanne Group

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A Smart Global Investment

Established over 30 years ago, Sanne Group has quickly become a beacon of success in the financial sector. With managed funds in excess of £465 billion and a portfolio spanning over 1900 clients across the globe, Sanne Group was growing at full speed with a string of acquisitions. Plans to expand internationally require IT infrastructure that’s future-proof – and Sanne’s legacy IT service management system was no longer fit for purpose.

As a new CTO joined the team, it became top priority to bring about positive changes to the way Sanne’s 2000+ employees worked. With experience of ServiceNow and a vision for the future, the team made a swift decision to invest in ServiceNow to transform the service capability, aiming to usher in a new, more efficient way of working with scalability at its core. FlyForm joined the transformation journey after impressing with a string of successful implementation projects of global scale.

Back to Basics

Going back to the drawing board, the Sanne project team worked with FlyForm to identify processes that required enhancements. As was common with organisations in the financial sector, a lot of Sanne’s work was reliant upon manual processes and spreadsheets. As the business grew through further acquisitions, data visibility and reporting became increasingly more difficult to provide. Additionally, Sanne did not have a CMDB in place as a true reflection of their entire IT infrastructure.

A plan was formulated to start with the big picture: building a comprehensive CMDB as a single source of truth – using Discovery and Microsoft SCCM integration to capture all global IT assets and their relationships, giving Sanne full view and control over their IT foundation.

Balancing Efficiency

With the foundation in place, the full power of ServiceNow was unleashed with several integrated workflows that empowered staff to adopt a more efficient and seamless way of working, with more self-service capability. The global team could now raise requests, flag incidents and track contract details at the click of a button, whilst moving away from manual spreadsheet and rolling chains of emails – adding back valuable time to their days.

Practice Makes Perfect

Establishing a project team and dedicated platform owner from the early days of the project, Sanne Group and FlyForm worked together to adopt an agile approach that was aligned with best practices whilst breaking down the development process into smaller chunks. This smart approach allowed the Sanne team more time to familiarise themselves with the solution and organically build up confidence in the platform and its powerful functionalities.

Investments that Pay Dividends

With FlyForm’s strategic consultation, technical expertise and Sanne’s collaboration and enthusiasm for positive changes, their global team is now able to move away from the old world of siloed processes and into the new world of easy, integrated workflows.

FlyForm provided support and consultancy for Sanne on the following modules:

  • Now Platform
  • ITSM Pro
  • ITAM
  • Integration: Microsoft SCCM

With their new ServiceNow instance, Sanne Group is now enjoying the following benefits:

  • ITSM Incident Management allows Sanne staff to move away from raising incidents via emails and shift toward a best-practice approach of using the Service Portal. The ease in raising incidents already encouraged a tangible increase in incidents reports.
  • Request Catalogue populated with 150+ items, encouraging the team to streamline request communications and move along the path of self-service.
  • Incident Management and Change Management help Sanne’s technical team gain visibility and assess impact of incidents and quickly find their root causes.
  • Contract and Vendor Management provides full visibility into over 100 contracts and vendors information, increasing ease of updating and managing in one place.
  • Knowledge Base powered by over 1000 articles allows the team to find quick solutions to their standard issues without utilising technical resources, reducing pressure on the technical support team.
  • Virtual Agent (VA) lets users immediately find the right self-service options or knowledge articles to resolve issues around the clock, reducing resolution time by 50%.
  • An updated CMDB with over 3000 items gives Sanne’s IT team a full view of their entire estate and the right information to assess change impact.

Sanne Group is already seeing return on their ServiceNow investment and looking forward to adding more functionalities to better serve their team, with plans for the addition of Risk Management and Business Continuity Management.

"As a world-leading provider of asset management services, we know the value of a good investment when we see one. In our relationship with ServiceNow and FlyForm, we have found an investment that will pay valuable returns for years to come. As we grow our IT enhancement offerings to offices across the world, ServiceNow will continue playing an integral part in powering the way our team serve our prestigious clients"

Chris Alexander, Group Head of Technology Service, Sanne Group

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